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CD and DVD Duplication Services across the UK

Video to DVD

Professional conversion of Beta Mac, VHS, VHSC, Hi8, Digital8 or miniDV to DVD

The process includes:

  • Capturing the video footage. 
  • The video tape is connected to an analogue to digital converter which ‘cleans’ the footage before converting it into a format readable by the computer. 
  • Editing (if requested). 
  • Your footage can be edited allowing you to remove unwanted footage, rearrange the footage, add titles, music and many other functions.
  • Menu and Chapter points. 
  • Unlike many other firms, your DVD from VP Online will be complete with a full menu system. With your chapter points placed at 15min intervals. (aprox)
  • Burning DVD. (Optional Extra)
  • Your DVD will be produced and burned onto top quality disks and presented in a DVD case featuring a glossy printed cover. The cover will be high quality paper and print, featuring a picture of your choice. The DVD disc is also printed. Not a sticky label but an actual printed DVD. (other choices are available)
  • Returned to you by post. 
  • Your original Beta Mac, VHS, VHSC, Hi8, Digital8 or miniDV video tapes, etc… along with your new DVD will be returned. 
  • £5.00 For 60mins of tape to DVD with text on disc only (exl P&P)

35mm Photo film Slide transfer

WE will scan your 35mm slide at 1800 dpi then put on to a CD/DVD as a photo image for you to print out, e-mail etc...

This is an easy way for you to see your slide again as a digital format for printing up to A4 size and uploading to websites or sending as an e-mail.

Your images will be scanned for JPEG format. This is just a basic service: 

  • We will remove any dust
  • Digital brighten and sharpen your image
  • Colour Correction 
  • Grain Noise Reduction 
  • Contrast and Exposure
  • £0.25 per photo slide (exl P&P)

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