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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between duplication and replication?

Duplication and replication both result in a bit for bit copy that is the same in everyway to the original master.

For one process over the other is a function of time, quantity, playability and price.

Price - Duplication is ideal for short run order but we can also do large runs. 

Replication however would require a glass master to be made, incurring time and cost. The glass master charges are worked in the unit price of the discs for a minimum order. Replication would be more cost affected as the number of units increases.

Quantity - Replication, requires a minimum 1,000 units before ordering to be economically feasible. Duplication runs can start from just 10 units and we can go up to as many unit as you like

Duplication runs in the thousands will take less time than replication and can be ideal for urgent large orders as well as small order rather than the turnaround on the replication.

Playability - Playability differences between duplication and replication have everything to do with the quality of the blank media when talking about duplication and age of the equipment used to play the disc. Duplicated discs will play on almost all player and computers manufactured in the last few years. Replication ensures playability on 99% of all players presently on the market.

Instant prices on duplication can be found on our website. 

As for the replication please get in touch for prices.

What is the turnaround?

Time - The turn times for duplication orders can be about 3 to 9 days, this will be depending on the quantity of your order. 

Charges may apply for express duplication order but this must be checked before ordering.

Replication would be an around about 7 to 12 business days from the passing of artwork and disc inspections.

Why do I need to use your templates?

You can find a large selection of templates on our artwork page.

You will also find the formats we accept and also the DPI.

'Packaging' what is this?

This is our range of several types of CD and DVD case options that you can put your disc in. You can pick chose from a wide range of packaging.

So if it is just to hold the disc in or for going along with your inlay covers, cards wallet printing, and then shrink you can find this all in packaging.

What is a CD or DVD inlay or covers?

CD or DVD inlays is something that gets a few people and trying to understand can be hard for some.

The best way we can help is if you take a CD album you have in your house or office and look at the front cover this would be classed a 1 page and then so if you open this up you would find page 2 & 3 on the inside and then page 4 as the back of that booklet.

The back tray would be 1 side and 2 side can be for clear tray where you can see an image if you take the disc out a CD jewel case.

DVD inlay is easier to go by as most people just see the front and back for one side.

What are the different print type for disc printing?

You have 2 main option for duplication with printing options inkjet and thermal.

Both can have there own strengths and weaknesses.

These details can be found by going over the print type in the quote page.

Replication option we do is litho or silkscreen printing.

What is thermal printing?

Thermal printing uses heat to apply it’s image and also text to the surface of the disc. This type of printing has a, glossy finish that is scratch resistant, waterproof, and also UV.

Thermal can be hard to print text smaller than 8 in font size.

What is Inkjet printing?

Inkjet technology with CMYK. This process lends itself to artwork with photos or colour gradients. The end resulting the image has the sharpness and detailed resolution of any print type, This is truly the best of any. What you see on the disc is what you get. The only downside would be a lack of textual sharpness when printing small text and smudging may occur if the inkjet printed disc comes into contact with liquids.

What is CMYK?

CMYK is based on mixing four colours -Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (or Black). These four inks are the standard inks used in the printing process.

CMYK is the basic printing option for today.

What about Artwork?

We supply artwork templates which you can download from our site here.

You can send artwork by e-mail and/or on disc, or alternatively using our Artwork Upload form. Artwork can be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (if you are sending artwork via e-mail, please make sure that you include your paypal ID number for the order and your address).

Full details can be found here

Can I get a Test Print?

We can offer a single copy of a CD or DVD for duplication with your artwork. 

We do this for the purpose to allow the you to see a copy of the finished product before making an order. This is only available upon request and is free for order larger than 100 units.

Orders lower than this a charge may apply. 

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