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CD and DVD Duplication Services across the UK

CD and DVD Duplication

Our CD duplication company and replication service offers you many different choices with glass mastering, full colour on body print, full colour package duplication and much more all with the best in quality for value

Turnaround time is approximately 3-5 working days

What is CD Duplication?

CD duplication : Using audio cd duplication towers we laser burn blank grade A+ discs from your master copy. This inserts a clone copy on the other blank discs that have been put in to our towers. After this your disc is then sent to our print department who will print the artwork right on to your discs (no labels or pens) Wether you pick Thermal or Inkjet print will vary on your quality, texture and cost.

After all this is completed we can then send your order to your self or your client direct.

What is CD Replication?

CD Replication is the procedure for production audio CDs. Whereas CD Duplication is done by burning the data to a heat-sensitive surface, CD Replication presses the audio onto an aluminum and plastic disc, creating physical pits in the surface. This is then coated in a clear plastic layer, to stop the pits collecting dirt and dust. This is ideal for orders of 500 units or more. Due to the high running cost order below this can not be done, the cost of producing each unit is very low . Doing runs of 500 CDs or more, the costs of replication is quicker than the costs of CD Duplication.

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